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The numerous handicrafts that come from all around India are said to contain the authentic spirit of Indian art. We at Adilakshmi Toys believe in quality and choosing the best handicrafts from our nation’s rural origins while simultaneously honoring Indian craftsmanship.

The artisans progeny are moving away from their traditional trades into newer fields in order to thrive in today’s world due to lack of support to the traditional art especially  the crafts made of wood, paper-Mache, clay etc.

As part of this mission, we are been in regular touch with the artisans from Kondapally, Etikoppaka, Nirmal, Bonthapally, Tamilnadu, Chennapatna  etc. as on date.  We are now moving on to meet all the artisans across India to promote our beautiful hand-crafts.

These crafts are very unique by themselves & are useful for gifts, return gifts, corporate gifts, education toys, kids toys, home décor & many more. If you think, your choice of gift should remain noticed & remembered for ever then please think  about us.

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Adilakshmi Toys

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