Radha Krishna Idol From Etikoppaka

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A heartfelt rendition of Radha and Krishna’s tale that has endured through the ages to stand as a symbol of unending love, friendship, romance, and sacrifice. This beautiful toy is crafted by hand from wood by etikoppaka artists and is suitable for gift-giving, golu/bommala koluvu, and home decoration.


Radha Krishna Idol From Etikoppaka.The Etikoppaka toys were initially only used by kids as playthings in the early stages of their development. These toys were safe to play with and long-lasting due to the use of natural colours and wood.

The Etikoppaka toys did, however, gradually adapt to a wide range of uses. They can now be used as gifts, decorations, toys, and even functional products.

These Radha Krishna Idol From Etikoppaka toys were a regular part of the life of the locals and residents of the nearby villages for a very long time.Animal figures, rattles, and spinning tops are examples of toys.Additionally, etikoppaka boxes are used to store jewellery and holy items like vermillion.

Several South Indian rituals are associated with these toys since they were so widely used.For instance, every girl child received a kitchen set for her first birthday called a “lakkapidathalu,” which included colourful dishes, ladles, stoves, and even grinders.

They also formed a part of the bridal customs and were used to carry betel nuts, haldi Kumkum, and other fragrant items for the bride’s trousseau.

They became so well-liked that people started selling them as county fairs, regular markets, train stations, and even bus stops.

Soft wood and lacquer colours are used to make toys.dyed using organic materials including seeds, lacquer, roots, and leaves.Turned wood lacquer craft is another name for the process of creating toys.

Due to the fact that the Etikoppaka toys are manufactured entirely of organic materials including seeds, lacquer, bark, roots, and leaves, they are regarded as being “one with nature.”The “Ankudi Karra” tree provides the wood used to construct these toys.

Etikoppaka toys or Etikoppaka Bommalu are the traditional names for the lacquer-colored toys.The hamlet is well known for its wooden toys.Because of the lacquer covering, the toys are sometimes known as “lacquer toys.”The wooden toys are coloured using natural dyes manufactured from seeds, lacquer, bark, roots, and leaves.

Toy making, also known as turned wood lacquer craft, is a craft that uses soft wood to create toys. Lac, a colourless resinous secretion of several insects, is utilised to create the Etikoppaka toys.

During the oxidation process, the lac is further combined with the prepared vegetable colours.After going through this process, rich, colourful lacquer is the final result.The Etikoppaka toys, which are exported all over the world, are decorated with the lac dye.


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